About Us

We are the supplier of HVAC equipment who always follow international standards also committed this principle of offering it as product - service to its customers within the framework of total quality management. We offer solutions for Duct fans, Commercial kitchen fans, Roof fans, Axial fans, Radial fans, Heat Recovery units, Air Handling Units and Ventilation units on the basic categories of all desired HVAC requirements also your customized local products which require expertise for design. Our company operates in accordance with international standards such as management, quality, environmental occupational health and safety management systems.Our main principle is to increase customer satisfaction with outstanding quality product - service and short delivery times. 

Export Activities

Kalvent is a trading-manufacturing company who combines the highest quality ventilation products for domestic and the overseas markets. We are engaged in sales and marketing activities in different foreign countries with its new export business models and flexible organization structure.
Our export aims are delivers wholesale products to clients project with turnkey solutions for appropriate ventilation systems and competitive prices in this field.With 6 years of export experience in the ventilation systems we successfully represents our country with outstanding quality product and service concept all around the world, especially in Europe, Turkish Republics, Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East countries.
You can contact our experienced staff for export sales to have more information.